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Malaysia cafe dessert


Cafe Culture in Malaysia.

Malaysia is truly a hot-spot for food & beverage. With the diverse cultural community living in Malaysia comes a mass variety of cultural foods.

From centuries old traditional recipes to modern food trends comes a new generations of Artisans.

Many local Artisans dedicate their passion & time perfecting their skills to better display and serving their work to customers.

The NitroBrew® Kettle System is a great tool to elevate the industry into a whole new level with drinks that deem impossible years ago.

The Kettle System 


The Kettle System was made as a way to make nitro drinks easily and inexpensively at the point of service for consistent, beautiful and delicious results.

Infuse nitrogen virtually to any drink you can imagine, from coffee, tea, juice to alcoholic drinks like beer, cocktails and even wines.

With the flexibility of The Kettle System, you can brew any drinks at your disposal without investing in heavy equipment like bulky kegs, kegerator,

nitrogen cartridges or canisters.

Aren't you surprised how it works? Here's the magic, it's only powered by an air compressor. While natural air is 78% Nitrogen, that's sufficient to nitrogenate and making it a delicious nitro drink.

NitroBrew Kettle System
Cafe counter
Is it suitable for
all businesses?


There are a handful of nitro systems out there that can do the same. There are key differences you might want to consider.

The simplicity of The Kettle System provide great flexibility and need very little support and maintenance unlike a full out Kegerator System.

It's a cost effective way to increase revenue with zero consumables (zero reoccurring cost). Making it sustainable and great for the environment.

Lastly, no matter which system you choose. Pick the system that's the most comfortable with you and giving you the solution to a smooth, rich and creamy mouthfeel of nitro.

Image by Karl Fredrickson

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